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ROCCO 1500 is extremely well suited for the filling of large cavernous spaces and cracks in stone or concrete structures as well as for cutting off gushing water of high pressure and speed. Due to the low viscosity of the material, ROCCO 1500 offers superior penetration in hairline crack injection.


ROCCO 1500 is a product of polyurethane injection resin line and to achieve best results a combination of several products may be recommended in some applications.

PROCESSlNG Prior to the injection it is necessary to examine the properties of the crack such as width and depth the hydrodynamics and hydrostatic pressures ,the quality of the water and the concrete. Based on the conditions, the size, spacing and arrangement of packers will be determind. For best results the cracks should be free of oily substances and loose debris.

ROCCO 1500 component A and B are supplied in five gallon containers. The material should be mixed thoroughly in equal amounts (1:1 parts by volume) prior to the injection with single component equipment. ROCCO 1500 may also be Injected with two-component equipment. The static mixer must be suitable to mix the low viscosity material homogeneously.
Observe temperature and humidity of the environment since both determine the pot-life of the premixed batch. Do not mix more material than the amount that will be pumped within reasonable time. Rule : High temperatures and high humidity - shorter pot-life.
Hydrophobic grouts do not need large amounts of water for the reaction unlike hydrophilic materials. Simultaneous injection of water is not necessary. If the area of application seems to be dry pre-injection of water is recommended.


It is essential for all equipment to be dry. Avoid any moisture contact with the mixture to prevent premature reaction of the product. The forming of a skin is normal. The skin may be punctured but should not be mixed into the unreacted resin.
If reaction of the batch occurs while pumping immediately shut down the machine and flush with a cleaner to avoid built up and clogging of the equipment.





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